The Last One Awake

Release date: 2019-08-09

He plays a very intriguing genre called Storyteller music where he brings his audience on a journey through his stories while connecting to theirs with melody and brilliant deep felt lyrics aimed to make even a grown man cry.

Indie Music Blackboard 2016




featuring Mia Palencia

Directed by Christian Palencia
Music produced by Al Future



“Christian Palencia’s 13 year storied career surrounds a theme of versatility. The Disney Channel singer/songwriter has come a long way since the child star first toured at the age of 13. Synonymous with the Malaysian Indie scene: “For those that are not well-versed in our local Indie music scene, Palencia is basically the guy you’d think of whenever someone brings that topic up” – NICK LAW, MyRojak 2015. He spent years elevating new talent in the music scene and launched his first EP and Album shortly after. As he moves towards a new direction, Christian finds himself within the realm of Musical Theater. Winner of Best Composition for his first original Musical: Something in the Air parts 1 and 2 2018. Palencia has also turn heads through his debut in Next to Normal by Pan Productions; A broadway and Pulitzer prize winning musical that ran in July 2019. They found Palencia in his debut role as “Gabe”, a dream lead role for a newbie is practically unheard of. “An instinctual actor with the charisma and vocal ability to match” MAE, The Edge 2019. Christian is set on releasing a new Album in 2019 and will be working with Pan Productions in their latest installment of That’s Entertainment in October this year. The child star has transitioned from Songwriting into Film and now to Musical Theater but one thing that is consistent within his career is his love for music. ”